Microsoft Office 2019: New Features

Microsoft has made a few big improvements in Office 2019. In the following overview we’ll tell you which new features you can look forward in and how they can make your work easier.

Cross-program changes

In Word, Excel and PowerPoint, an integrated translator can now be used.

Support of SVG icons

In almost all applications of Microsoft Office 2019 it is now possible to integrate SVG files. SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphic and refers to a specific type of graphic that can be enlarged or reduced without degrading the image quality. The graphics can be inserted in, Word, Excel and PowerPoint via the menu item “Insert > Pictograms”.

Integrated translator

Many users will probably use Google Translator for longer translations. However, Microsoft also has very good translation software, which has been firmly integrated into most applications since Office 2019.

You can find this function in Word, Excel and PowerPoint under “Check > Translate”. In Outlook, you can use the feature by opening an email and clicking “Translate” in the menu on the far right.


Especially interesting for users with touchscreens is the new function “Draw”. Here you can now draw and mark documents with different pens. For devices with touch screens, this function is already activated by default in Microsoft Office 2019. Users with devices without touch support must first activate the function under “File > Options > Adjust menu band” by ticking “Draw”.

This is new in Word

Support for LaTeX equations: It was already possible to use mathematical formulas in Word before, but there was no support for the LaTeX spelling until now. To enter a formula in LaTeX syntax in Word, go to “Insert > Formulas” and then select “LaTeX” on the left.

Learn tools: For a better focus on the text when reading and writing, Word in Microsoft Office 2019 now has so-called learning tools. You can adjust the column width or the background color of the document, for example. You can also have the text read to you there. These functions can be found under “View > Learning Tools”.

Dark Mode: After all, you can now finally select Dark Mode in Word 2019, which colors windows and menus in black and gray tones. The dark design can be found under “File > Options > General > Office Design”.

This is new in Excel

Funnel diagrams: In Excel you now have the possibility to use funnel diagrams. You can find the new diagram type under “Insert > Diagrams”.

2D charts: Another new feature in Excel is the support of 2D charts. You can now create 2D map diagrams for tables that are somehow related to countries, cities or other areas. To do this, select the relevant data and select “Insert > Maps > Area cartogram”.

New functions: Excel 2019 also has some useful new functions on board. The function “TEXT CHAIN” can be used, for example, to link the contents of different cells to form a text. The “What if” function links up to 127 “What if” queries in one command, which is much more convenient than always creating new “What if” functions. A complete overview of all new functions can be found here.

This is new in PowerPoint

New transition “Morphing”: With PowerPoint the new transition called Morphing brings movement into the presentation. To use the new effect, first duplicate a slide that contains a graphic. To do this, right-click on the slide and select “Duplicate slide”. On the duplicated slide you can now change the size and position of the graphics. Then select “Morph” from the transitions and the graphics merge smoothly in the presentation.

Zoom: With this function you can now focus on individual elements of slides by enlarging them. The effect can be inserted into the slides via “Insert > Zoom”. You can find detailed instructions on the different zoom types here.

Digital pen as remote control: In PowerPoint 2019, digital pens can now also be used as remote control for presentations. Prerequisite for this is that the pen supports Bluetooth and that the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is installed. To use a digital pen as a clicker, you must first pair it via Bluetooth. Then, under “Settings”, go to “Devices” and select “Pen and Windows Ink”. There you check the box “Apps may override the shortcut key behavior”.

In PowerPoint you can now scroll through a slide by pressing the eraser key or back through a slide by holding the key.

This is new in Outlook

Inbox with relevance: The new Outlook allows you to get a better overview of your e-mails. It divides your inbox into the categories “Relevant” and “Other”. The separate inbox can be activated via “View > Show inbox with relevance”.

The “Relevant” tab is always in the foreground, but you can also quickly switch to “Other”. The classification of the mails into the correct categories has to be optimized by hand. To do this, the corresponding messages must be selected with a right click and assigned to the correct categories with the commands “Move to “Other”” or “Move to “Relevant””.

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