Practical Tips For Camping Beginners

Are you a true beginner and need tips for your next holiday? You had your last camping experience when you were six years old when Dad and Mom went to the Baltic Sea with you? Can’t remember anything except the huge playground? No problem, we’ll tell you what to look out for on your next camping trip, which gadgets you shouldn’t forget, what to think about when cooking and having a campfire and how to get back to everyday life happy and relaxed after your first camping trip. If you follow the tips and tricks, camping can become a real dream holiday, which is not only fun, but also relaxing and comparatively inexpensive and where you can learn a lot about yourself. This is the best way to prepare yourself:

Choose the right tent

And when we say “the right tent”, we mean especially the right size. If you are looking for a 2 person tent and would like to go camping, you should definitely refrain from taking a 2 person tent with you. Each time anew we ask ourselves, for whom these tents were conceived, for normally full-grown, adult humans in any case not!

And believe us, a tent that is too small is not cosy and cuddly, but rather causes chaos and discussion in the tent. Especially as a camping beginner we advise you not to stick to the product descriptions of the tents. Our camping beginner tip is: If you are planning a comfortable and relaxed camping holiday for two, you should choose a tent that has room for at least one more person…

Test your camping equipment

As a camping beginner you should definitely have the right equipment with you. This of course includes a tent in the right size (see above), a sleeping bag, camping dishes, pots or pans and a well-functioning flashlight. With all these useful items one thing is especially important: Test your equipment as long as you are at home. After all, you don’t want to notice on the campsite that your tent is missing a pole, your sleeping bag’s zipper is broken or the flashlight’s batteries are empty. You should also find out if your tent is waterproof, so there won’t be any nasty surprises…

Do not pack too little one

When camping, some think of long weekends, little luggage and an unproblematic and short journey. In such cases, most people just pack what they can get their hands on. So a trip quickly turns into an uncomfortable stay where you can hardly wait to get home. But if you are looking for a relaxing holiday in nature, you should write yourself a checklist and strictly adhere to it.

It is better to take a comfortable pillow with you instead of folding one out of your clothes. Think of a comfortable sleeping mat and blanket. Otherwise the night will be a real horror trip. On cold nights, for example, there should always be a layer of air between the floor and the sleeping bag. That isolates. Eye mask and Oropax can enrich you in the morning with important hours of sleep, so don’t forget!

By the way: If you don’t want to spend your holidays on a campsite, but rather hike through the region, it is of course worth having less equipment and luxury goods with you….

Where do you cook?

It’s hard to imagine, but even today we hear about adventurous stories where people actually cook in their tents. After all, it’s sheltered from the wind and it gets nice and warm in the tent. It is often forgotten that the tent can go up in flames and quickly become very dangerous. Under no circumstances should you cook in the tent! Remember that you are looking for a suitable place to cook, far enough away from flammable materials…

Tips against boredom

It’s hard to imagine, but it’s clear, even on holiday and surrounded by beautiful nature camping can be boring at times. As a camping beginner, you may wonder what you can experience on the campsite in this weather. To be honest, not very much. Therefore you should have a “Creative Box” with you, especially if there are children on the trip.

A box with board games, playing cards, books or crosswords should always be included in this case. This way you can still keep yourself busy on bad days and have a lot of fun despite the bad weather… Many campsites also have restaurants, common rooms and childcare during school holidays. So even the little ones don’t get bored and everyone is taken care of!

Shoes off in the tent

What you like to be too lazy for at home, should be absolutely adhered to during a camping holiday. Absolute shoe prohibition should apply in the tent from the outset. Otherwise you won’t get rid of the sand and dirt in your tent. Between your clothes, in your sleeping bag and on your pillow, every little stain in your tent becomes uncomfortable and scratchy. The stupid thing is that you can’t get rid of the sand so quickly. So you will still remember the sandy shoes during your second and third trip. And at the latest then you will have learned that you always take off your shoes before you enter the tent…

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