Things To Look Forward To Before The Journey

The suitcases are ready. The washing machine is running at full speed. My mailbox runs over before order confirmations and tracking numbers, because shortly before every trip I remember thousands of things I urgently need (memory cards, extra-aggressive mosquito spray, and so much more). Thanks to me, the nearest drugstore has most likely doubled its monthly turnover, and my husband and I have been in extreme sports mode for a few days to be fit for the holidays.

When I think about my upcoming trip, it’s tingling with excitement now, and the fact that I’m constantly writing notes on my mobile phone and always have to google something quickly shows that planning and preparation are in their final stages.

After almost four long months I’m really looking forward to travelling again and can’t wait to get to know and explore Miami, the Florida Keys and the Bahamas. I am particularly looking forward to these ten things:

Plane dinner

Why is plane food so demonized? Airplane food is ingenious. After all, it is a clear indicator that you are in an airplane. In my case, this almost inevitably means that I am on my way on holiday (usually no food is served on flights within Germany). Sometimes of course on the way back, but then I have at least just one journey behind me. That’s why I like airplane food very much. It tastes like vacation. Well, not always the plane food is the culinary summit of the good taste. But it has always been enjoyable, and to be honest it’s not about the taste.

Such a long distance flight can really drag on. The food gives the flight structure for me. You fly off, read a bit, watch which movies you want to watch, and then you get your first meal. Then you mentally count the hours until the second meal, because you know that you will land soon. Sometimes there is even a surprise snack in between, which always feels like Christmas and Easter to me together, especially in flight hour five to seven (which in my eyes is the longest lasting hour during a long-haul flight). For me, the meals on the plane are always real highlights.

Piña Coladas

I love the taste of freshly mixed, cool piña coladas. I’m talking about the right ones: When I say Piña Colada, I don’t mean the strange cocktail of cream that you get in German bars, but the delicious cocktail of pineapple juice, coconut milk and rum that I have only been able to enjoy in tropical countries. When I think about the delicious, ice-cold drinks, my mouth is already watering.

Chili Cheese Fries (and afterwards a Cinnamon Roll)

Crispy French fries with a generous portion of chilli on top, baked with cheddar. Is there a better snack? I’m probably one of the biggest Chili Cheese Fries fans in the world. It’s usually the first food I buy on American soil. Especially in the first weeks after a holiday in the USA, I always suffer from severe withdrawal symptoms. It will remain a mystery to me forever why not a single restaurant in Germany has Chili Cheese Fries on offer. Of course you can do it yourself – but it just doesn’t feel the same.

After the Chili Cheese Fries something sweet has to be made very quickly. And I mean really fast. My husband, who is always very concerned about my well-being and therefore at least as sweet as all the Cinnamon Rolls in the world put together, therefore often has something sweet with him as a precaution, or at least has already scanned all the possibilities of candy procurement within a radius of one kilometer. When I get in the mood for the tastiest dessert in the world, he usually already knows where I can get it in the fastest and easiest way. You could put any gourmet restaurant or star chef in front of me – I would always prefer the Chili Cheese Fries and Cinnamon Rolls.

By the way, I will never understand why American cuisine is so unpopular. A country cuisine whose specialties include Chili Cheese Fries and Cinnamon Rolls deserves a medal for me.


At the latest since I bought my super comfortable yoga mat flip-flops in Hawaii and immediately merged with them, I belong to the species of the die-hard flip-flop wearers. I wear them as soon as the first rays of sunshine are visible in spring, and then until I start to risk frostbite. Unfortunately, the temperatures in Germany have not allowed flip-flop wear without damage for weeks now. All the happier I am to finally be able to take them out again.

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